Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daily bread

So this is my routine for making bread for the week. On Sunday I assemble 6 containers with the dry ingredients minus the yeast for my bread.
One is done in the container for my bread maker. That is the only one that I add water with lemon juice and oil still minus the yeast. I let the bread machine mix it and then turn it off to let it "soak" for about 24 hours. In the morning I will add the yeast, mix it again in the machine and let it rise. After it has doubled I divide  and dump it into my two oiled bread pans. After a second rise I toss it in the oven.
If I will be needing another loaf the next day I wash then refill the bread maker container in the same fashion so that I can begin the 24 hour soak. The finished bread does have a ever so slight sour dough taste. Rarely do the loaves not get devoured  in the first day. I have to be careful to save enough bread for Dan's peanut butter and honey sandwiches that he takes to work with him everyday.

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