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Congratulations on your Pregnancy! 

All new clients are given a copy of these when we are hired. We have included this list just in case you can't wait or are not a client of ours. Stuff like this is too good not to share!

Birth Goals aka Birth Plan   This is a worksheet that we created to help parents put together their birth goals and plan.  We have included emergency c-section and planned Cesarean section options. Links to helpful sites are on the document.

Earth Mama, Angel Baby offers a great online birth plan creator is a fun option for creating a birth plan.

What to take to the hospital Includes the four possible different bags: Moms labor bag, Dad's labor bag, family's recovery bag and newborn needs.

What to Eat During Labor

BRAIN Worksheet This handy worksheet walks us through the decision making process of medical care. Aids in deciding what procedures and actions you want and feel comfortable with.  Helps to sort through the options by asking the questions: What are the - Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, What does your Intuition say and What happens if in this moment we do Nothing?

Questions to Ask a Potential Caregiver/Obstetrician and Evaluation of Your Feelings of Your Caregiver  This is a short but to the point list of important questions to ask your doctor. Communication is key in choosing the best doctor/midwife.

Weekly Diet Checklist and a page that describes portion sizes, high protein resources and key nutrients for pregnancy.    We love the organization and visual impact of this document! Simple, thorough and compact. We have one on our fridges! Both of these were created by Plumtree Baby, a company that creates childbirth education material.

Partners Packet and Labor Education

Natural Childbirth Cheat Sheet  this includes the four steps to providing comfort to a laboring woman. Choose a position, Choose a movement, Choose a way to relax and Use spot techniques as necessary.  Just click on the page to print- it will just be the need info and will not include the site navigation or ads.

Labor Cheat Sheet

Pushing for the First Time Mom By Gloria Lemay  This is a must read for all moms new or experienced. By learning some mechanics of birth, we can learn to trust ourselves.

Signs of Labor Adapted from Pregnancy, Birth and the Newborn By Penny Simkin.   Print this out only if you feel you feel it will help you.

Pain Medication Preference Scale By Penny Simkin, The Birth Partner  This is included in the packet to help the expectant couple define and communicate their desires and expectations for pain and discomfort relief.

Home Birth with a Midwife By Penny Simkin. This is a short 2 page article on the reasons why home birth is a great option for many parents. Answers some of the Why questions and discusses the safety of home birth.

Mothers Advocate, Lamaze Healthy Birth Your Way: Six Steps to a Safer Birth Plus 11 other hand outs that cover topics including labor positions and how to create your best labor team.  These are simple to read but every educational. Great place to start as you begin preparing for your birth.

Mothers Advocate, Lamaze Birth preparation videos. 12 great videos. Short but cock full of great information.  As with all You Tube videos, be careful about the suggested videos at the end of each clip- sometimes they are not the best.

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