Looking for fun, interactive classes that will keep you awake and excited?! We use games, partner and group activities, and short videos to keep the pace of the classes’ fun and up beat. Classes are structured around your needs and questions! Information presented is evidence based and resources are always provided. Please contact us for our class schedule.

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
The Bradley Method emphasizes that birth is a natural process. Mothers are encouraged to trust their body.  Healthy mothers and healthy babies is the goal! With adequate preparation and education most mothers can give birth naturally, without medical interventions. The Bradley Method teaches healthy diet and exercise throughout pregnancy.  Mothers are taught to manage labor with the guidance and support of her partner and relaxation techniques.

12 week series
$300 per couple
Private classes- please contact Diana for a quote
Contact Diana Figurski (951)566-6794 for dates and more information

Childbirth 101
Class is usually held the first two Saturdays of the month, four hours each.
This is an eclectic class that utilizes a variety of birth philosophies and techniques.  Take the fear out of childbirth. Make your "Labor Day" one you look forward to and that brings the two of you closer together as a couple!
Small class sizes allow for the curriculum to be tailored to the needs of the expectant couples preparing for hospital birth. Maximum of 4 couples per class session.
We discuss:
  • How to mentally and physically prepare for childbirth
  • How to care for your body during pregnancy and postpartum
  • What childbirth is and what to expect
  • A variety of comfort techniques including breathing, visualizations, deep relaxation, affirmations, massage and how to provide the best counter pressure
  • Different labor positions- time is provided to practice these!
  • How to create your ideal birth environment- even in the hospital!
  • Inductions, epidurals, C-sections and other hospital procedures
  • Creation of birth goals
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Breastfeeding 101
3 hour class
Partners are encouraged to attend! Topics included:
  • Advantages of breastfeeding for baby and mother
  • Getting started in the hospital
  • Instruction and practice for optimum positioning and latch
  • Common challenges and how to avoid them
  • Trouble shooting options for possible set backs
  • Nutrition for the breastfeeding mother
  • Pumping
  • How to feel comfortable breastfeeding while out and about
$30 per couple
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Newborn Care
3 hour class
Find your confidence and learn tools that you will need to not only survive but thrive with you bundle of joy.

  • Newborn procedures in the hospital
  • How to comfort a newborn
  • Understanding newborn needs and signals
  • Baby care basics- bathing, dressing, swaddling and more
  • Newborn appearance
  • Baby wearing
  • Feeding 
  • How to pick up and hold a newborn
  • And so many other parenting tools that will help your first 3 months together be as smooth and joyous as possible
$30 per couple
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Private Breastfeeding Consultations
Has your little one arrived and you are struggling with breastfeeding? A private consultation just might be what you need to get over any breastfeeding speed bumps. A breastfeeding educator will join you in your home for a 1-2 hour mini, on the job training, that usually solves most breastfeeding concerns.


Private 4 hour Birth Class
This class is for experienced parents or those short on time. We cover the stages of labor, comfort techniques, evidence based childbirth options and newborn care procedures. By the end of the class you will have a birth plan rough draft that will summarize all of your birth wishes.


Private Bradley classes compact or full length are a different rate. Please contact Diana for a quote.
To schedule a private class or if you have any questions please contact us directly.
We look forward to getting to know you!
Taryn (951)634-7231 and
Diana (951)566-6794

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