Birth, Breastfeeding and Baby Resources

Websites that I love and refer to often:

Breastfeeding Bras, Pumps and Supplies

Medela comfort maternity, nursing bra. Full coverage and support while being super comfy.
Barado Designs Nursing Bras . I have heard great reviews of the seamless body silk. 

Breastfeeding websites:

Best for Babes   If you are unsure about nursing or have others around you that are not quite ready for the whole breastfeeding thing, this is a great place to start. Presented in a very non-confrontational way.  Shares the info and does not pass judgement. Be sure to check out the list of "Booby Traps".

Kelly Mom   Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC Whenever I read this website I feel like I am learning from a good friend. Her style of writing is to the point and is always backed by medical studies. Be sure to fully explore her site as the plethora of information that is available is found by clicking through the different pages. She also has a parenting community forum.

LactMed   This web site is the ultimate resource for pregnancy and breastfeeding medication. Each medication is evaluated for different things such as molecular weight and the half life. Also gives alternatives if the meds are not mommy friendly.  There is also an app by the same name that is every handy.

Birth focused web sites:

Evidence Based Birth   This is a great resource to gather information for making decisions about your labor and birth. All information presented is based on the most current medical studies.  Newborn procedures are also covered.

Birthing Naturally Another equally must visit site. Don't let the title scare you. It just means that it is natural to give birth. (disclaimer: there is also a Christian birth section on the site. Although great info, I do not belong or subscribe to this ministry)

Spinning Babies  This is a must visit often website for expecting parents from the "When do I get my epidural?" group to the "Crunchiest" of parents.

Ask Dr. Sears I refer to this site often as mom and as a Doula. It is my first resource in all things that pertain to children and the family. I have found so much comfort and knowledge from this brilliant family of doctors and caregivers.

Childbirth Connection   Easy to navigate site that is overflowing with up to date information. Includes PDFs for printing and using to navigate the confusing subject of childbirth.

Evidenced Based Birth  Want to know what the scientific studies say about all things birth? This is a one stop shop. A must read for all expectant parents.

The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique  A beautiful family centered, gentle c-section birth. Step by step of how to create a respectful and beautiful caesarean birth. LOVE THIS!

Family centered caesarean birth story  Beautiful and inspiring story and example of a gentle c-section.

VBAC Facts Seriously brilliant and easy to read. 100% evidence based information. Learn more about your options. Does not support one style of birth over another. This site was created as a place that supports expectant parents in their journey to decide what is best for them.

Improving Birth This is a grass roots advocacy group for the rights of women and their newborns. "Evidence-based care is based on the highest quality, most current medical evidence, tailored to the individual. We believe that women can make safer, more informed decisions about their care and that of their babies when they are given full and accurate information about their care options, including the potential harms, benefits, and alternatives." Phenomenal site that was begun by one of our every own incredible San Diego Doulas, Dawn Thompson.

Cesarean Rates  Want to know what your local hospital rates are?  Check out your hospitals stats!

Doula TLC's Pinterest board  This is a link to my doula cyber book shelf.  It is where I put all the links to information that I find and that I am learning about.

My Beautiful Cervix  One of the signs that our body is getting ready to have our babies is that the cervix pulls forward and changes in consistency. Most women are also surprised when they hear that they can check their own cervix for dilation. This web site is tastefully done and is appropriate for just about every one seeking to understand the female body. Following the cervix through a woman's cycle includes mucus and blood so if you are squeamish this might not be your favorite site. Understanding our cervices can also help with conception and avoiding pregnancy when needed. 

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