Monday, April 2, 2012

C-section birth of Birth of Sebastian

This is a beautiful video of a c-section.  the skin to skin and breastfeeding time that this mother got is wonderful!
It breaks my heart that mothers who deliver via c-section in our local hospitals are not given the same rights as this lucky family. Standard protocol is that the mom is shown the baby, occasionally allowed to give the baby a kiss and then is quickly placed under the warmer to be looked over.  Then the baby is taken to the nursery to be given a bath and newborn procedures. Mom and baby are not reunited for over 2 hours. The father or whoever is wearing the other wrist band can accompany the baby to the nursery but the mother is then left completely by herself. I stood out of the OR waiting to be reunited with one of my clients and it just just about killed me. My heart broke for her because she was all alone and I knew she needed me. Instead of letting me be with her they gave her more drugs to knock her out completely. (sorry for the venting- I am still working though my frustrations)
I have now been with two friends that had labors end in a surprise c-section. Although unusual, it does happen. Confirm with your doctor, in writing, that they support you and your family's wishes to be together no matter how things go..
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Birth of Sebastian ♥ from Belinda Kelly-Mandalis on Vimeo.

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