Friday, May 30, 2014

Birth of Sloane

You would think after 4 and half years of being a doula that I would be kinda tired of watching birth videos. Nope!  My poor kids still have to warn their friends to avert their eyes if they walk by the computer while I am on it. Today I add another favorite to my list. The Home Birth of Sloane is very modest- no private parts shown. My favorite part through the whole thing is the father.  He is so intent on his wife. A beautiful example of two becoming one.
This beautiful laboring mother is an amazing example of patience, perseverance and trust. Trust in her body and trust with her beautiful birth team. Love her!!
This video also has one of the few times that I have seen cord burning. Instead of clipping the cord with scissors it is separated by the flame of two candles. To learn more visit

Home Birth of Sloane 

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